Nokia 800 Tough Black

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Product image of the Nokia 800 Tough Black
Product image of the Nokia 800 Tough Black
Product image of the Nokia 800 Tough Black
Product image of the Nokia 800 Tough Black
Product image of the Nokia 800 Tough Black
Product image of the Nokia 800 Tough Black
Product image of the Nokia 800 Tough Black
Product image of the Nokia 800 Tough Black

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Everything about the Nokia 800 Tough Black

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Specifications Nokia 800 Tough Black

145.4 x 62.1 x 16.11 mm

161 gram

2.4 inch

320x240 pixels

512 MB RAM

Dual-core processor



2 megapixels

720p video

4 GB memory

Expandable with Micro-SD

Pros & cons Nokia 800 Tough Black

  • The robust casing is dust and waterproof and can withstand impact
  • The classic phone has 4G internet and supports WhatsApp
  • Thanks to the physical, rubber buttons, you can easily use the phone, even when you're wearing gloves
  • The device has a long battery life thanks to the large battery capacity
  • The screen is small and isn't readable for everyone, but this makes the phone very energy-efficient

Reviews from our customers

Average scores of the Nokia 800 Tough:

20 verified reviews
3.5 stars
  • Camera: 7.3
  • Screen: 7.1
  • Speed: 7.1
  • Battery life: 8.1
  • Value for money: 7.5

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Description of the Nokia 800 Tough Black

Nokia 800 Tough Black

This Nokia 800 Tough was launched in 2019 as a rugged and waterproof phone with no unnecessary fuss. It comes with WhatsApp and Facebook, and with 4G connectivity, so you can use these apps anywhere. A simple two-megapixel camera is also included.

This black version is IP68 certified, so it can handle a bit of rain. It is equipped with a large battery for days of fun or weeks on standby. The device runs on KaiOS, so you can download and use limited apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, or YouTube.

Camera and flash function

It may not be a high-end digital camera, but it's something. For the occasional photo, this camera is suitable. There is also an LED flash, which you can use as a flashlight.

IP68: use in the rain

This black phone is shockproof and IP68 certified. That means it's not a big deal if you drop it once, and it's also water and dustproof. Handy for people who spend a lot of time outdoors.

4G connection

It's nice to be reachable anywhere and anytime, and Nokia has solved that simply by providing this simple phone with 4G connectivity! This way, you'll still be able to fulfil all your internet needs on the go. Useful for Google Maps and navigation, for example!

Two SIM cards option

If you have an extra business SIM card for your work, for example, you may want to insert it with your personal SIM card in your phone. This is the case with the Nokia 800 Tough, where you effortlessly switch between the two. So there's no hassle with multiple devices in your pocket.

Standby of more than a month

Not only does this Nokia 800 Tough have an excellent 21000mAh battery, the standby time is over a month due to its low energy consumption! It's not a problem if you forget to charge it. If you don't forget, you can charge it with the included microUSB charger.

KaiOS for a smooth experience

This Nokia 800 Tough Black runs on the economical KaiOS, which is designed to make technically less impressive phones run smoothly. That's good, because it still gives you access to apps you wouldn't expect. These apps can be found in the special KaiStore.

What's in the box?

  • Nokia 800 Tough Black
  • Charger
  • USB cable

User manual for the Nokia 800 Tough Black

The user manual is not included but can be downloaded or viewed here: Dutch user manual. You can also download an English version: English user manual.

Warranty & Repairs

2 year Nokia warranty

With normal use, we guarantee that your phone will work properly throughout the full warranty period. If something goes wrong, and Nokia will make sure to help you out!

How do repairs at Nokia work?

  • Repairs that are covered by the warranty conditions are always completely free of charge.
  • A Nokia-phone repair takes 7 days on average. This is short compared to most brands.
  • Nokia does not refund the € 6,50 shipping fee for a repair.
  • Is your repair not covered by the warranty? If so, Nokia will charge you with € 44,00 research costs if you decide not to have your device repaired.

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Product image of the Nokia 800 Tough Black
Condition: Very good
  • Some light traces of wear
    This device shows light signs of wear on the display or the casing, which are hardly noticeable.
  • 100% functioning
  • 2 year warranty
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