RugGear RG910 Black

Product image of the RugGear RG910 Black
Product image of the RugGear RG910 Black
Product image of the RugGear RG910 Black

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The RugGear RG910 Black is no longer available.

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Everything about the RugGear RG910 Black

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Specifications RugGear RG910 Black

213 x 140.9 x 20 mm

906 gram

8.0 inch

1920x1200 pixels

3072 MB RAM

Octa-core processor



Version at release: 8

8 megapixels

720p video

32 GB memory

Expandable with MicroSD

Pros & cons RugGear RG910 Black

  • Thanks to the sturdy and waterproof casing, this tablet is very reliable
  • Android Oreo makes this tablet very user-friendly
  • Charging this device is done easily via the magnetic cable
  • The different physical buttons make this tablet easy to use
  • Because of its sturdy design, this tablet is not very compact

Reviews from our customers

Average scores of the RugGear RG910:

1 verified review
3 stars
  • Camera: 5
  • Screen: 5
  • Speed: 7.5
  • Battery life: 7.5
  • Value for money: 5

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Description of the RugGear RG910

Are you looking for a tablet that won't stop working, even in rough conditions? If so, this RugGear RG910 might just be perfect for you! This tablet is fully dust and water resistant, has a robust casing, and is easy to use thanks to Android Oreo and the physical buttons.

Even in extreme situations, this tablet won't let you down. The large battery and energy-efficient processor ensure a long battery life, and your display will remain scratch free thanks to a layer of Gorilla Glass. The tablet has various connection options, and you can even use it to charge other devices!

Fully dust and water resistant

To ensure complete reliability, the tablet must be able to withstand dust and water. The IP68 certifications means that this tablet can resist these two elements. This makes the tablet very suitable to use outdoors.

Robust casing

The RugGear RG910 also has an MIL-STD-810G certification, which concerns shock resistance. The tablet is equipped with a very robust casing that is capable of absorbing shocks. This RG910 can handle a fall on concrete, making it a perfect tablet to use in extreme working conditions on construction sites.

Gorilla Glass display

The tablet is fitted with a beautiful 8-inch display. The user-friendly Android Oreo, combined with the physical buttons, makes navigating through menus very easy. The screen is covered by a layer of Gorilla Glass, so the screen is firm and won't quickly show scratches.

Big battery

This RugGear tablet is equipped with a large 6000mAh battery. As the Snapdragon 625 processor is energy efficient, you can expect a very long battery life. You'll be able to use your tablet the entire day without having to charge it in the meantime.

Various ports

The RG910 comes with all kinds of ports. For example, there's a useful magnetic port for charging, but you can also use the USB-C port to charge your tablet. The RG910 also has a port to connect to a dock, and a normal USB port to charge other devices! So many options!

Android Oreo

Out of the box, this tablet runs on Android Oreo, Google's mobile operating system. Android is fact, clear, and you can set it up to your own taste. A couple of standard apps are already installed, and you can download other apps and games from the Google Play Store.

What's in the box?

  • RugGear RG910
  • Charger
  • USB cable

User manual for the RugGear RG910

The user manual is not included but can be downloaded or viewed here: Dutch user manual.

Warranty & Repairs

2 year factory warranty

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