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Frequently asked questions for the Apple iPhone XS Refurbished

  • What does refurbished mean with my Apple iPhone XS Refurbished?


    A refurbished iPhone has been used before, and is then cleaned, refreshed, and refurbished. The inside of the devices are 100% working. On the outside there may be slight scratches, which makes the iPhones no longer look entirely new.

  • Where is my Apple iPhone XS Refurbished from?


    We buy the refurbished iPhones from a Dutch supplier, one of the largest suppliers of refurbished Apple devices. All refurbished iPhones undergo extensive quality checks and are checked on more than 50 points by specialised robots. Besides this, an extensive team of technicians is ready to check the iPhones once more and, if necessary, replace parts.

  • What kind of product condition can I expect with my Apple iPhone XS Refurbished?


    All refurbished iPhones on our website have been extensively checked on their functionality. When purchasing your device you can expect the following:

    • Various light cosmetic user traces can be found;
    • In perfect technical condition;
    • Any defective parts have been replaced.
  • What is delivered in the box with my Apple iPhone XS Refurbished?


    The phones are delivered in a good packaging including a charger. Besides your phone, you will find an original charger and an orginal charging cable in the box. No earbuds are supplied.

  • Is there a warranty on my Apple iPhone XS Refurbished?


    Yes! On all refurbished phones you are entitled to the usual 2-year warranty. Does your phone get a defect within 2 years? Then you can use the standard warranty procedure. To do this, you need to register your phone by logging in on our website.

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