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With the Tulip Assist insurance you can insure your phone. You can only take out insurance via Gomibo when you buy a new device.

For questions about your insurance, to make a claim, or for general information, please contact the Tulip Assist specialist customer service team. You can find the Tulip Assist contact details on the bottom of this page.

Tulip Assist handles your data with care and has a strict privacy policy. Would you like to find out more? If so, please view Tulip Assist's privacy statement.

Tulip Assist Phone Insurance

With Tulip Assist you are assured of competitive premiums. The insurance is always free during the first 3 months. Cancellation is possible on a monthly basis, even after 1 month. Please note: you have to be 18 years or older to be able to get insurance.

The insurance automatically ends after five years. You will be informed of this, of course. You always take out the insurance with a new device. Any insurance on your old device is not transferable to your new device. At Tulip Assist, you can choose between two types of insurance: the basic Mobile Essential insurance and the more extensive Mobile Complete insurance.

Mobile Essential Mobile Complete
Device repairs after (water) damage* Vinkje Vinkje
Replacement of device after (water) damage* Vinkje Vinkje
Worldwide coverage Vinkje Vinkje
Covers misuse of your contract Vinkje
Covers theft Vinkje
Can be cancelled monthly Vinkje Vinkje

*Damage caused by falls, bumps, moisture, fire, lightning, and/or frost

How does it work?

With the Mobile Essential and Mobile Complete insurance, you are covered for the costs of damage caused by falls, bumps, and water damage. That means that in most cases you are insured against the cost of a repair of your device. If your device is damaged beyond repair and the damage is covered, Tulip Assist will provide you with a comparable replacement device. Are you on holiday? If you go abroad, you are insured for the duration of the insurance.

Theft and misuse of your contract is not covered by the Mobile Essential insurance, only the Mobile Complete insurance.

How high is my premium?

The amount of the premium is different for each device. It depends on the brand of the phone, the price of the phone, and the average costs for a repair for that type of phone. Because we calculate the premium costs per device in this way, you never pay for someone else's expensive repairs. You can find the premium cost for your device as follows:

  1. Find the phone on our website and click on 'device only';
  2. Scroll down and look on the right at 'Insure the ...';
  3. In 'Monthly premium' you can see how much it costs per insurance policy per month. The first 3 months are always free!

What is not covered?

A clear and precise description of damage that is not covered by the insurance can be found in the policy terms and conditions. A few examples of matters which are not covered:

  • Damage inflicted by the user themself on purpose
  • Damage caused by reckless behaviour
  • Repairs of scratches caused by wear and tear

More information

Your product is insured by Tulip Assist Insurance Limited. Tulip Assist Insurance Limited is registered in Malta under the following registration number: C80601. Its registered office is at Development House, St. Anne Street, Floriana FRN9010, Malta. Tulip Assist is authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority to carry out the business of insurance under the Malta Insurance Act (Chapter 403 of the Malta Act). More information can be found here: https://www.mfsa.mt/financial-services-register/.

You have taken out the insurance via Tulip Assist (Tulip Assist Services B.V.), Waagstraat 1, 9712 JX Groningen, the Netherlands, FSMA:3026.

If you have any questions about your insurance, please contact Tulip Assist.

Tulip Assist
Telephone: 3531800832377
Email: info@tulipassist.ie
Website: www.tulipassist.ie

Mobile Essential
Check the policy terms and conditions and the product information overview of the Mobile Essential insurance for more information.

Mobile Complete
Check the policy terms and conditions and the product information overview of the Mobile Complete insurance for more information.